Follow the Jack & Newell Trail

If you are a local or visitor to the Far North, you can visit the locations of Jack & Newell businesses, and see some great FNQ landscapes along the way!

The map below contains a simple route for you to follow, and contains addresses for eight former stores. All are accessible in a conventional vehicle, although getting to Chillagoe does require driving on unsealed roads. These roads are well maintained, but if you are thinking of heading off, it’s best to contact the Chillagoe Hub and ask about the road.

If you can’t get to the Far North, it’s possible to travel the route with Google Maps. Follow our instructions below and you’ll be amazed at what you can see without leaving your desk!

Don’t forget to add your story – let us know how the trip went, or send us some pics to upload.

Download and print your Jack & Newell Map

The map of the Jack & Newell trail can be downloaded to suit your printer either:

Two A4 sized maps which can be printed and joined together
One A3 sized map



Link to the Google Map

To see what the Jack & Newell sites look like today check them out

on Google Maps

We have created a link to 'My Maps' which covers the Jack & Newell Trail.

You can change the underlying map image by clicking the Map, Satellite or Terrain buttons at the top right.

By double clicking on any location, A to H, you will be able see both the street map and the street view of the location today.

Because this map is available for anyone on the internet to view other users may have put their photographs of the location on view as well.

To return to the full view just click the Get Directions button to the left of the map.

Where there is no Jack & Newell site today it will link to the closest position to where it once stood.

If you have anything to add to the trail, or the history of Jack & newell use the 'Add your Jack & Newell story' at the top of the page.

View a Google Map with links to the Jack & Newell sites today.