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News item from The Brisbane Courier, Thursday, 25 August, 1904
Some big finds of wolfram have been made at Emu Creek (says the Cairns Post ). A solid lump of wolfram, weighing 3cwt., was taken out of a claim there last week by Ferguson and party. There are now 200 men on the field. Latest advices from the North report a steady rising in wolfram, the quotation now being £130 per ton, on the fields near the Chillagoe line.

News item from The Brisbane Courier, Tuesday, 26 April, 1927
CAIRNS. April 25.
Two applications signed Edward Granville Theodore, each for 300-acre, dredging leases, situated at Emu Creek, about nine miles from Petford, have been lodged at the Herberton warden's office. Experts point out that the Emu Creek higher reaches yielded good sluicing returns, and consequently the lower reaches probably contain excellent wash ore. One experienced man said: "Ted got in ahead of the mob who are running around looking, for creeks so this might be a good shot".

News item from The Townsville Daily Bulletin, Saturday, 8 August, 1953
CAIRNS, August 7.
A 74 year old woman, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Atkinson, of Emu Creek tin mining camp, six miles from Irvinebank, was found at 1.30p.m. today, after having been lost for nearly 24 hours to the bush near the camp. She suffered no ill-effects from her experience. Mrs Atkinson left her home at 3 p.m. yesterday to search for a cardigan lost by one of her grandchildren. She did not return, and this morning a search party was organised by Irvinebank and Herberton police.

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