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News item from The Northern Miner (Charters Towers) Tuesday, 23 August, 1904
Our Wolfram Wealth,
By "Felspar."
(For the "Northern Miner.").
Wolfram exists in the range South-West from Emuford Creek, which is situated about twelve miles South East of Petford, and the mineral is found all along the range for a distance of about four miles, without a break to Ladbury's Creek.
At the South East end of the field. Ferguson, Wall, and Park, who recently unearthed a big slug of wolfram weighing about 3cwt., are on what has so far proved to be the commencement of a payable formation, and have apparently a considerable quantity of wolfram in sight. Billings has a good property on the summit of a high pinnacle, and Marvel and party are prospecting the continuation between their own claim and Jones and Maher's.
Jones has a five-acre lease, in which there is ample room for several wages men. Maher is opening up his property vigorously, and employs three wages men; he has a fine face of ore exposed in an open cutting.
Further on Nettle and Minogue are working a bismuth-wolfram formation, which has proved highly payable up to date.
Wells is opening up a very promising deposit, and has just cleaned up 13 tons 14cwt of wolfram.
Elliott and Stringer are breaking a fair quantity of wolfram from a large solid formation.
Leavis Bros, are working two claims, in one of which bismuth is associated with the Wolfram while in the other clean wolfram is being obtained. They have averaged over a ton a month since starting; there are four of them in the party. Morrow and son are averaging about a bag and a half a week worth about £10.
Newman, Brace, and Jones have opened up a large body of crushing stone, and are negotiating for the treatment of a Parcel at a battery.
Bobby Jackson, Smithhall and Sheffield and Shea and Mills are all on payable wolfram, but have hardly got beyond the prospecting stage as yet. Altogether something over 3 tons a week is being produced from this field, and so far no claims have bean tested beyond 20ft. in depth, and there are no indications that the wolfram will not continue to a considerably deeper level.
There are between 50 and 60 men engaged in working and prospecting for wolfram, a number of whom art quite recent arrivals. Some good finds have been located towards the head of Emu Creek, and several parties are re ported to be doing well there. The wolfram bearing belt stretches away out to the California Creek district, across the head of Smith's Creek, through Coolgarra, and over to Nettle's Creek in fact.

News item from The Cairns Post Monday, 10 November, 1947
MAREEBA, Nov. 6.- After conferring with the chairmen of the Woothakata Shire Council (Cr. J. M. Brown), who has a wide knowledge of the mining areas, at Mareeba today on the question of telephone communication to isolated mining centres, the central executive of the Queensland Ore Producers' Association has decided to urge for the early establishment of radio telephones at Emuford and Brownville.
It is understood that the Postal Department plan to install radio telephones at Mt. Tambourine and Maleny, and it is felt that isolated centres in the Far North should have equal consideration.
During a recent visit to the mining areas by a party consisting of representatives of the Queensland Ore Producers' Association, it was found that Emuford, with its resident families were greatly inconvenienced through the lack of telephone facilities, while at other centres there were complaints as to the services obtaining.
In no way reflecting on the postal officials concerned.

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