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News item from The Morning Post, Cairns N.Q., Tuesday, 8 January, 1901
Thornborough Notes.
[BY "I.C.U."]
Commonwealth Day was celebrated with due eclat both in Thornborough and Kingsborough.
At Kingsborough they had athletic sports, including the usual events, and this occupied the greater part of the day.
At night they had a bonfire on Grant Hill, and a dance in Quills' hall which lasted into morning.
It may be mentioned that two old Hodgkinson identities, Mr E. V. Mulligan, and Felix Duffy, shouted a case of dynamite after the bonfire, and the boom of the explosion was distinctly heard at Wolfram Camp: -14 miles away.

News item from The Cairns Morning Post, Thursday, 12 December, 1907
The news comes from Mareeba of the death there on Monday of Beverley Day Taylor, well known in the early days of most North Queensland mining fields, and latterly licensee of a hotel at Kingsborough.

News item from The Brisbane Courier mail, Thursday, 5 March, 1914
MAREEBA, February 23
The 45th half-yearly report (period ending February 3) of the Vulcan Tin Mining Co. contains the following:
The main points where work has been carried on may be referred to as follows:
280ft. winze**: Very little work was done here during the term, but we are now sinking with the object of breaking through and connecting with the 310ft. slope; good tin continues in the bottom of the winze.**
305ft level: To intercept the ore developed between the 230f.t and 310ft., a drive was put in for 30ft., when we broke through and connections were made. Sloping began on good, payable ore, but the area of the better grade ore did not come up to our expectations. The present face is in low grade material with patches of good ore intermixed.
600ft. level: Work has been continuously carried on during the half year following up on very rich ore-from 6ft. to 12ft. wide in places. We are now up a distance of 130ft. leaving us still some 70ft. to rise" before connecting with tile 400ft. level. These workings are about 130ft. further south than the slopes previously worked.
Very rich ore has been left standing in several places, which will be obtained later on when connections have been made with the level above.
**Winze - An inclined or vertical shaft or passage between levels in a mine.

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