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News item from The Cairns Post, Thursday, 10 August, 1933
(From Our Special Correspondent.) KOAH, Aug, 7.
The August, meeting of, the Koah branch of the Tobacco Growers' Association was held last Sunday after-noon, the president, Mr. J.C. Scott, occupying the chair.
The Woothakata Shire Council notified that plans and specifications for a crossing over the Clohesy River at Koah had been prepared and approved by the council and were being forwarded to the Main Roads Commission for approval. Advice was received from the Acting Deputy Director of Posts and Telegraphs that the department was now in a position to accede to the request of the Koah Tobacco Growers' Association for the provision of mail facilities to serve a number of residents, and action would be taken at an early date for the establishment of a mail service under porterage conditions, to run twice weekly from Koah along the south side of the Clohesy River as far as Mr. Smith's property, this being the most suitable route.
A motion was carried that a letter of thanks be sent to the Federal members who had interested themselves on behalf of the association to procure the mail service.
Mr. R. E. Moss (secretary) submitted to the meeting a scheme for the establishment of a tobacco classification shed to serve North Queensland, the shed to be under the management of a Board of Control, members of which would be selected by the growers. Mr. Moss suggested that the State Government be asked to finance the scheme. He was of the opinion that the world was trying to get into North Queensland, and that tobacco growers should do something to stabilise their position. "We, in the North, can grow good tobacco he asserted. It is unfortunate that this season has been so unsatisfactory, but the fact that the North can produce a high grade leaf remains unaltered." Mr. R. Shepperson: There is more likelihood of the scheme being successful if more than one shed were constructed.

News item from The Cairns Post, Monday, 9 December, 1935
Koah Woman's Luck:
It has become rather commonplace in the past for New South Wales investors to win the Queensland Golden Casket, but it took Miss Mamie Cassidy, of Koah (North Queensland) and five friends to reverse the position.
Miss Cassidy, who is a school teacher at Koah, is at present holidaying in Sydney, and with five friends took a ticket in the New South Wales lottery, No. 470, under the syndicate name of "Phlcaf," which returned them £5000. When informed of her good fortune Miss Cassidy replied: "I wish it had been the Golden Casket."
When in Sydney last year Miss Cassidy also won £50 with a friend. .

News item from The Cairns Post, Thursday, 24 June, 1937
KOAH, June 22.
Since last writing Koah has had about 15 points of rain in several tiny showers.
We are enjoying the glorious North Queensland bright sunshiny days with cool nights, weather which makes us feel it's good to be alive and living in North Queensland. Most farms in Koah are looking a picture at present. Riverview farm was noted during the week-end and can be seen from the Koah siding just across the Barron River. Mr. Walter Wright has cleared all this portion nearest the siding and set up his engine and pump and spray irrigation plant, and the result of his first crop under irrigation is very gratifying, row after row of beautiful tomatoes and cabbages almost ready for harvesting. There are some beautiful fruit trees on this farm also.
Wright's' oranges have been noted for a number of years, cases of same having been sent hundreds of miles each year and supplies sent to Herberton Schools.
Pictures of spray irrigation working on this farm will be seen at the forthcoming Cairns Show district exhibit.
A very successful dance in aid of the Cairns Ambulance was held at Shepperson's bulk shed, Koah, on Saturday, June 12. Visitors from other centres helped to swell the throng and make the evening more enjoyable.
Music was provided by Mr. W. Dean and extras played by Mr. Vic Nettle. Mr. Eric Minchin, of Kowrowa, also played some enjoyable extras with the banjo-mandolin.
A Casket ticket novelty was won by Mr. George Hitch.
A case of fruit donated by Mr. Walter Wright was won by Mr. Lloyd Minchin who very generously donated same to the Koah school children.
Novelty prizes of a tennis press and piece of fancy work, donated by Miss Cassidy, were won by Miss Peggy Hudson and Mr. Roy Felminghara.
Granadilla and citron, donated by Mrs. A. Page, was also won by Mr. L. Minchin. Coffee, sugar, carbide, etc., for the evening were generously donated by Mr. A. E. Hitch.
Mr. Ben Felmingham, M.C. and Koah Ambulance bearer, on behalf of the Cairns Ambulance thanked all for attending, the musicians, and all who had donated prizes and goods and helped in any way to make the evening a success.
At a tennis club meeting during the week it was decided to hold a tennis dance on July 3. Enthusiastic tennis players are to be seen on the courts every day and good crowds during the week-end. .

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