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The society has hosted or assisted on a wide range of events and a few ar listed below. Some will link to more information on that specific activity.

The Queensland Government Railway reached Mareeba in 1893. The Chillagoe Railway and Mines Company began construction of a 3’ 6” gauge railway from Mareeba to Chillagoe reaching Boonmoo at the 35 mile peg in 1900. In 1900, the Stannary Hills Mines and Tramway Company began construction of a 2 foot gauge tramway from Boonmoo to Stannary Hills and later Rocky Bluffs and Irvinebank. The line opened to Stannary Hills in May 1902.

In the meantime, Boonmoo was a terminus for coaches and teamsters for the tin areas from the railway. A great deal of traffic used the town during the construction of the tramways, completed in 1906. Subsequently, lead, silver, and copper ores from the tin fields came through Boonmoo to Chillagoe for treatment.

At this stage the town had two hotels (the Exchange and Dillon’s) and a Jack and Newell’s store. By 1914 this had reduced to one hotel, owned by W. Jackson. A post office existed from 1899 until 1927. On 17th January 1941 the last service on the Irvinebank-Stannary Hills tramway came into Boonmoo in a blinding thunderstorm.

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