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News item from The Cairns Post, Thursday, March 24, 1932

Some people having queer ideas have likened tobacco culture to a goldmine. Perhaps it is just as erratic as one, and a goodly deal of the "Nil Desperandum" trait is necessary.
Even with our appreciable area planted there are many severe drawbacks of which the very unsatisfactory tariff alteration holds an important but not pre- dominating position. However, things could be much worse than they appear at present. Besides the curing mentioned last fortnight, several more farms have commenced this all-important operation, and results have been well up to expectations.
Ours is still the centre of extensive building operations. The crash of falling trees still breaks the silence of the bush, and also the hum of the tractors here remind one that a poet once wrote, "All day long the noise of battle raged." The time is now a little overdue for planting, so this clearing, etc., speaks well for the faith in next season.
Mr. R. T. McManas paid us his usual fortnightly visit from Cairns.
Mr. W. Kohn visited Innisfail last week.
Miss M. Schmidt visited her people in Cairns for the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, who during the past fortnight, were staying with Mr. and Mrs. J. Bullock, journeyed to Mt. Molloy. Mr. Arnold returned here,and is again spending a few days.
Sunday excursion trains from Cairns have been fairly constant lately, and our population took the opportunity on the 13th instant, of sending a cricket team to Biboohra.
The national game has many exponents here, as can always be found in a collection of the British race anywhere. The winning laurels returned to Bilwon and it is hoped to be able at an early date to give the losers an opportunity to retrieve their fortunes.
As a social and enjoyable visit the outing was very greatly appreciated. The scoring and bowling were remarkable.

News item from The Cairns Post, Wednesday, January 18, 1933

To the merriment of both young and old a dance was held on Saturday, January 14, at Messrs. Woodward and Richardson's new grading shed, which still is under construction, but in spite of the shed being not quite finished it suited the purpose quite well.
The dance was in aid of the Progress Association, Mr. E. P. Grigg. being responsible for the running of it. The music was supplied by Mr. R. Ariceo on the guitar and Mr. B. Novelli on the violin, while extras were supplied with the gramophone.
The Monte Carlo waltz was won by Mr. B. Schildt and Miss D. Rogers, while in the novelty waltz Mr. and Mrs. Regatertie won the box of chocolates, and Mr. Culps won the tin of cigarettes.
A dainty supper was served at midnight and dancing continued until the early hours of Sunday morning, everyone having a good time.

After much fighting for the installing of a telephone in this district, one has been installed at. Mr. E. P; Grigg's store, near the station.
A person feels now that the telephone has been installed that he is situated a bit closer to civilisation and is not cut off from the outside world. Having no telephone a person would have to go to Mareeba or Cairns to transact business, thus losing a day's work in doing so, as a ring on the phone the business could be done just as well.
The persons responsible for getting the telephone installed are to be complimented on their fine move.

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