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News item from The Townsville Daily Bulletin, Saturday, January 24, 1931
Mr. Pollock mentioned that the railway siding on the Chlllagoe line which served the tobacco Settlement at Mareeba and previously known as the Seven Mile Siding, had now been designated 'Chewko' by the Railway Authorities, this being the local aboriginal word, for tobacco pipe. The settlers had formed themselves into the North Queensland Tobacco Growers' Association, which would later have branches.

News item from The Cairns Post Wednesday, 13 April, 1932
April 9.
As previously reported, Signor, Melano, Consul in Queensland for Italy, has been visiting Mareeba in the interest of his nationals.
Most of his time was taken up by those interests, but time was taken to visit various parts of the district to examine the tobacco leaf growing industry. Emerald Creek, Biboohra, Paddy's Green were visited on Friday, and on Saturday, as the guest of Mr. Crowe (Q:N. Bank), the Signor, accompanied by Signor d'Antohiq, and Mr. Little, visited the Chewko area, where, several of the visitor's compatriots were visited and finally "'Granite Bank," the plantation of Mr. K. B. McRae, president of the N.Q.T.G. Association

News item from The Cairns Post, Monday, 17 October, 1932
(To the Editor, "Cairns Post.
…….and your readers too, Mr. Editor, may be suspicious of the fact that during the reign of the Moore Government Mr. Gardiner supported the scheme. Now that his own Government is in power, he turns it down. Probably he foresees the public being over-taxed into being unable to pay for the service. The "Tin Pot" scheme, as Mr. Gardiner terms it, was endorsed by the tobacco growers of the Mareeba district as a whole, not a portion of the growers, as he infers.
At a meeting of delegates to the North Queensland Tobacco Growers' Association held at Mareeba on September 6 last, at which the following districts were represented, namely: Mareeba, Carbeen, Morgan Settlement, Chewko, Paddy's Green, Biboohra, Emerald Creek, Koah and Bilwon, the following minute, when discussing the Burke Falls scheme, was recorded: "Mr. McRae raised the question of the future supply of firewood and all delegates agreed that the future supplies of fire-wood for curing purposes was likely to become acute"..
It was finally resolved that the Secretary write the Chairman of the Woothakata Shire Council, pointing out the seriousness of this subject and asking if he can inform us when Hydro-Electric power is likely to be available for this purpose. We are to mention the fact that it is estimated at least one thousand barns would be situated within an area ten miles each side of the power line. I would mention that the movement was also instituted free from the alleged cunning and shrewd actions of the Chairman of the Council.
Now the future of the tobacco industry is assured in this Shire and huge development has consequently taken place, it is important that Councillors set aside their political ill feelings and pull together in. keeping pace with the advancement.
It is hoped that Mr. Gardiner will take the tip.
Thanking you, Mr. Editor,
Yours, etc.,
Carbeen, Mareeba, October 13.

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