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Mount Carbine

News item from The Northern Miner (Charters Towers) Thursday, 2 March, 19056
" Trinity Times" Correspondent.
I am taking the liberty of writing to let you know how things are on this field (wolfram). It Is about 23. miles distant from Mt. Molloy. There are about 120 on the field, and some are doing very well.
It is not a "Bamford", but I think any man can make tucker if he knows anything about treating ore and is not afraid of a bit of solid toil. Very few wages men are employed here, but I hear after the wet season there may be room for wages.
The most promising shows are one owned by Messrs Johnson and Williams (four men's [ground), and then comes one by Messrs Cleary, Baird and party. Both of these shows are getting very fair stone, but at present the late rains are a bother as the stone has to be kiln burnt in cleaning as it is more easily crushed that way, besides giving a better assay. Most of the lads here believe in roasting the stone.
The " Spar " here is in different formation to any of the other fields. Granite does not seem to exist nearer than two or three miles and nearly all the 'wolfram found here is in a sort of slatey schist.
There is also sheelite found associating with the wolfram and one or two of the alluvial shows are pretty rich in sheelite. Then outside again tin is found and about 12 miles out at a place called Mount Spurgeon there are a few very promising claims. There has not been a buyer here for some time and as there is no mail service here everybody is anxious about the ruling prices of wolfram.
It is about six weeks since we got the last mail so a petition is being largely signed for a mail once a week. The township is built on a flat at the foot of the main workings about 20 chains and consists of an hotel, two stores and a butcher's shop, and another storekeeper has arrived and is building In the main street.
We had a visit from Mr. Dunstan, Government Geologist, some time ago, and after looking round the claims he expressed his opinion that this place would improve in the near future if wolfram kept at anything like a fair price.
The town is a bit quiet just now, no doubt on account of no buyer being here of late, but if the weather continues fair I suppose most at the miners here will have a cleaning up shortly. At any rate things will not be too lively till after the wet season as most of the shows here are flooded after a storm.

Mount Carbine

News item from The Morning Post (Cairns) Tuesday, 20 June, 1905
There has been nothing exciting at Mount Carbine wolfram camp for some time, but the field is quietly progressing (says a correspondent of the "Port Douglas Record").
What the field wants, however, and what it could fully support is a small crushing plant. Given that, it would go ahead three times as fast as at present. It would he a first class investment, and in which many of the miners would be prepared to take shares.
Most of the surface shows are now worked out, and the principal mines are busy sinking to prove the ground at a depth. Several are down from 30 to 50 feet, and the reefs look better than they did on the surface.
The Company (late Baird's) are down about 30ft., and are driving on good wolfram. They anticipate having a good crushing after about a month's work. This is a first rate claim, and when properly developed should prove a valuable property. Johnson and ????? have sunk shafts down-one on a large body of stone. Although the ground is considerably disturbed at present, they are getting, a fair return of wolfram. When they get into more settled country they should give a good account of themselves. They have been getting good ore from the other shaft, and also good, surface stone. This claim is considered to be one of the best on the field.
Moore, Richardson, Baird, and Burton have a splendid claim adjoining the company's ground. They are now down about 50ft., and have had good ore right down, from the surface. When driving is commenced there should be a splendid body of ore to stope out. This claim has been one of the most consistent payers on the field, and they have just finished a very satisfactory crushing, which should give the lucky shareholders a very good dividend.
Graham, Hetherington, and Frera have just finished putting up two windlasses, timbering shaft, etc., and have now started sinking. This claim had grand surface shows, and it looks well going down. The reef is about 2ft wide, and in one of the shafts wolfram is coming in already, so that a good find may take place any day.
Harwood and party have had a lot of dead work since Christmas, having logged and timbered their three shafts. The principal shaft is down 50ft, and the second 30ft. on the main line of reef. This claim has been a consistent payer from the start, and now the dead work is done and mining started in a systematic manner this party should have a good output.
Barry and Clark also own a good show on the side of the hill from which they have had several fair crushings.
There are also two or three really good alluvial shows. Meldrum and ???? having had an exceptional return last month.

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