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News item from The Cairns Post, Saturday, 1 April, 1939
School at Mutchilba.
The Minister for Works (Mr. H. Bruce) advises that he has secured approval for the erection of a State school at Mutchilba. The work will comprise the erection of a school building of the standard type for 40 pupils, with class room 21ft by 18ft, and two 8ft verandahs. The construction will be of timber with corrugated galvanised iron roof.

News item from The Cairns Post, Monday, 8 May, 1939
Mr. T. Lloyd complained of the unsatisfactory telephone service at Mutchilba. He stated that the main trouble seemed to arise from the fact that the Railway and Postal Departments were using the one line, and if the railway operators were using the line it was impossible for the operator at Mutchilba to get through to Mareeba.
The chamber decided to ask for a separate line from that controlled by the Railway Department

News item from The Cairns Post, Thursday, 4 November, 1954
MAREEBA, Nov- 3.
The Department of Irrigation and Water Supply Commission has advised the Mareeba Shire Council that in connection with the proposed development of the irrigation settlement in the Mareeba-Dimbulah area, arrangements are now being made for the establishment of a township at Mutchilba. The department forwarded to the council a plan of the proposed lay-out of the township for the council's comment. Half the township is to be taken up initially by the department for a construction camp, but it is proposed to construct a permanent commission office with single staff barracks and possibly two or three houses at a later date

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