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News item from The Brisbane Courier, Wednesday, 15 May, 1889
CAIRNS, May 11.
At the Government land sale to-day all the lots, a total of thirty-two, in the township of Myola, were sold, realising £302 15s.
Various suburban lots were also sold, and realised £1264.

News item from The Cairns Post, Wednesday, 24 June, 1891
How not to do it.
There is nothing Sphinx-like in the riddle of "How not to do it," the Railway Commissioners for instance generally contrive to guess it in once, and even if by chance they fail, then they go so near that their solution might easily pass as correct.
The most cogent trouble, now disturbing the peace of mind of the people affected by matters of detail in connection with the second section of the Cairns-Herberton railway, is that the Department declines to run goods beyond Kuranda. Yet the line is finished to Myola, the end of the section, some three miles distant, and it is there that the large population ??????tated by the exigencies of construction of the newer section have pitched their tents.
Apart from these the district around the end of the section carries a fair number of selectors, etc., making a total in round numbers of 1000 souls, and why the line should not be utilised for the benefit of the people requiring it is past all comprehension.
The turn-table or triangle is situated at Myola, and apart from this fact, which should take the engine there on each journey, all goods in connection with the contractor must be delivered at the end of the section.
Truly the Commissioners move in a mysterious way their wonders to perform, and if they do not exactly ride upon a storm they are most successful in raising one.

News item from The Cairns Post, Saturday, 25 July, 1891
The Barron Falls.
In the dear old days, we mean years, when the second section of the Cairn - Herberton railway was yet in course of construction, and the third section still in the womb of time, visitors and others refused to be denied a glimpse of the glorious Barron Falls. Attracted by a reputation established by ARCHIBALD MESTON and Dame Nature in conjunction, in fact a sort of partnership concern, pilgrims were ready to face the wearying journey, and felt themselves well repaid when the goal had been won.
Under these circumstances it cannot be a matter for surprise that there is a constant stream of visitors now that the object can be achieved by merely getting in and out of a train, and aided by the disposition shown by the Shipping Companies to give passengers sufficient time on shore for the trip the district is daily gaining by "bold advertisement." and the Railway Department by the fares which result.
We mention these facts more as a preliminary to the real gist of this article than for anything else. It may be a settled article of faith in the minds of the Commissioners that the criticism of their little wars of bungling mismanagement is confined to the public of Cairns, but this is not the fact, and the sooner it dawns on their minds that men of brains and intelligence, not only from Queensland but from other colonies and other parts of the world, are daily laughing at and ridiculing the "mysterious way in which they move their wonders to perform," the better for the advancement of this district.
Visitors, tourists and others are generally on the "qui vive"   for information and when they come to Cairns, travel on the railway, visit the Falls and so on, and from one end to the other hear nothing but curses, not loud but deep, regarding the erratic way in which railway matters are managed, what sort of an impression are they likely to carry away with them ?
They hear of absurd and unequal rates of produce, prohibitive rates and ridiculous regulations on timber, and so on. And then when they reach the end of the section, Myola, they discover that the engine is a sort of "ignis fatuus" which they as well as the residents have to chase in the most bewildering manner over long bridges that are not decked, and through barbed wire fences that are by no means easy or safe to negotiate. And they find agriculturists, timber-getters, saw-millers, and others growling for the want of sidings, and all round they can come to no other conclusion than that the Railway Commissioners are past masters in the art of "reductio ad absurdum".
Reviewing the situation as a whole, it is safe to conclude that if matters are not speedily placed on a business footing, the working of the costly second section will soon become the laughing stock of Queensland.
As we have hinted criticism is no longer confined to this community - the laughter is spreading to other lands

qui vive - on the alert; watchful
Ignis Fatuus - a pale, greenish or bluish light sometimes seen hovering over swamps and marshes at night.
reductio ad absurdum - a method of proving the falsity of a premise by showing that its logical consequence is absurd or contradictor

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